our instructors

Heidi has an impressive background as a master Barre instructor,  certified pilates instructor, certified TRX instructor and teaches a huge array of other fitness classes as well.  There will be no corner cutting because she believes a proper warm up and stretching are key for overall fitness performance and mobility.  "It's important to have a soft heart and a hard core."

Marissa has been a committed gym rat and athlete her whole life. She is addicted to butt kicking workouts and will bring nothing short of that to her class. Experienced in yoga sculpt, Barre and boot camps, her killer workouts will push you to your limit, while her infectious energy and rocking beats will keep you coming back for more! “If it doesn’t challenge you…it doesn’t change you.”

Klara made a commitment to an active lifestyle from a young age.  As a former gymnast, yoga and running marathons have provided a new, dynamic challenge. Her sculpt classes will leave you with a dose of energy and positivity! She is always up for a new fitness challenge, and takes a holistic mind-body approach to wellbeing. "The secret to success is to show up." 

Theresa is certified in yoga sculpt, recovery yoga and Yoga Calm for kids.

As an instructor, she loves to share the power of the mind/body connection with children and adults with positive, high-energy classes!  "You must love and care for yourself, because that's when the BEST comes out." 


Lisa loves the power of movement and feels fitness classes should be a way to let go, own who you are and have fun!!  Lisa has taught numerous formats and has combined her love of dance and fitness to create her own soulful cardio dance fusion class. Lisa wants everyone to walk out of her classes with a big smile on your face, proud of what you just did and ready for the week.  


Susan has dabbled in all types of group fitness (yoga, barre, sculpt, hi/lo, etc).  She has been trained in yoga sculpt, Barre and will soon be a certified to teach power yoga.  Susan takes her extensive Barre background and amps it up with high tempo and high intensity (with a side of namaste). Her goal is for your workout to leave your legs shaking and heart happy.  "Strive for progress, not perfection" 

Betsy loves to explore new workouts to push herself mentally and physically. She loves teaching a variety of fitness formats to offer students balance and a well-rounded routine.  As a mother of two young children, carving out the time to take care of herself is her key to being a good (and sane!) mother, wife, and friend. "Your life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change."

Jen teaches an awesomely tough class where you will spend plenty of time in plank position! She believes that it is very important to be healthy and strong both mentally and physically, which is why she loves staying active by playing with her kids and her family. "At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun, feeling strong and having ownership in whatever you do in life."

Andrea’s journey into yoga began at the age of 17 as a means to recover and heal from illness. Her classes are crafted with the intention of creating space in the body through breath-guided movement and will leave you feeling renewed rather than depleted. "Gain awareness of your thoughts and feelings, gain mobility in your body and always remember to shine!"


Greta has competed in sports her whole life and her itch for fitness still remains! She is a health nut, wellness advocate and lifelong learner. Get ready for a powerful and motivating sweat session!  "Your attitude leads your outcome. Think strong, be strong"


Missy is a NASM certified personal trainer and TRX qualified instructor. She comes to us after leaving “Corporate America” in 2018 to pursue her passion of fitness and helping others reach their goals. She loves strength training, running marathons, traveling with her husband Grant and admits she is a “crazy cat lady.” “You never regret showing up for a workout, but you may regret NOT showing up...” 


Michelle is a devoted and enthusiastic student and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, the traditional Vinyasa system of Yoga. After traveling to India, she is strongly committed to passing on the tradition as taught by her teacher, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, of Mysore, India.  Her passion for Yoga is fueled by her intense personal practice and she feels that her time alone on the mat has been her most powerful teacher.

After Nicole spent time in advertising, she pursued her love of fitness full-time, particularly with a deep passion for group fitness. Nicole has been practicing yoga, sculpt, barre, and spin for over 10 years. With two young kids, she knows that time is of the essence and works to make every last minute of her class challenging and fun!  "It's the little things in life that make the biggest difference."

Angie has an educational background in Kinesiology, has been a certified personal trainer since she was 18 years old, is a certified TRX instructor and holds a health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As a previous gym rat, Angie has converted to a self proclaimed group fitness junky after opening Physical Culture(v) in 2015. "There's nothing better than sweating with your friends!"

Michelle comes to us as an established group fitness instructor with an extensive background in leading multiple class formats. Her passion for fitness comes shining through in her encouraging, tough love coaching style. Her engaging, functional training approach, will leave you feeling the benefits the next day! "Lead with Love." 


Jill has been teaching yoga sculpt, strength and HIIT classes for four years! She loves cranking out a good workout at Physical Culture with a fun crew and good music! “Sweat, Smile & Repeat” 


After a lifetime of dance and high impact activity, Maren first stepped on to her yoga mat in 2005. Maren has completed her 200 hour Power Yoga certification as well as her Yoga Sculpt training certification.  She implements a lightheartedness and sense of humor in to each class.  When she is not teaching, you can find her spending time with her husband Sean, chasing her 3 children, Nora, Mae and Hank,.


Jodi is 25-year veteran in the fitness and nutrition industry, having a masters degree in human performance and numerous certifications including kettlebell, TRX, group fitness and pilates. She's board certified as a holistic nutritionist and comprehensively trained pilates instructor. She loves helping students and clients build strength, improve movement, and rehab from injury. One of her favorite quotes is by author, John Maxwell, "The choices you make, make you"