Stressed Out? No Energy? Time to Cleanse with PC(v)

Headaches, moodiness, joint pain, fatigue, constipation, bloating, skin issues... Sound familiar?

Eating foods that hinder your overall wellness and don't support a balanced immune system can reek havoc on your body. Some of us begin to accept that these side effects are normal but they are not! We believe strongly that each person's body is VERY different and requires some investigation. Foods that work for some people won't necessarily work for you. There is no one size fits all diet. Our Culture Cleanse will help you discover and eliminate foods and drinks that work against your individual body, while adding nutrient dense foods that will help you thrive and even rid you of those pesky pounds. We will also focus on fluid intake, stimulants, exercise, sleep, clean recipes, meal planning, grocery shopping and food preparation.

Last but not least, we will dig a little deeper and take time to detox your emotional life as well. High pressure jobs, negative people, too much cell phone use and lack of self care are just a few examples of things that add to overall stress. Stress is often the root cause of overeating, poor food choices and fatigue. Our Culture Cleanse will include a full support system made up of your peers and 2 devoted Health Coaches, Tina Knutson and Stephanie Potter.

Wouldn't it be great to have endless energy, create a more positive mindset and gain the tools you need to sustain what you learn so that you can always feel wonderful?


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