Physical Culture(v)'s 3 Part Summer Wellness Series

Physical Culture is excited for summer! Join us in our 3 part Summer Wellness Series.

Foam Roller Mobility & Recovery Workshop- Summer Wellness #1 - Wednesday, June 27 @ 7:00pm.

Need some more balance in your workouts??? Join fitness expert, Heidi Swinney as she leads us through our mobility and recovery workshop using foam rollers.This workshop will help your body recover from all those tough workouts and the mobility work will help to prevent injuries and keep your body strong and healthy! Be sure to bring your own foam roller. BYOFR!

Just Start! Workshop- Summer Wellness #2 - Wednesday, July 11 @ 7:00pm

Just Start! is a one-hour empowerment workshop for women who want to activate their personal and professional ideas. You may have a business plan, you may want career advancement, or you'd like to dabble with an idea to determine if it's right for you. Getting clarity in what you want, communicating what you need and connecting with others for support creates a foundation of strength and confidence. In this interactive session, you'll learn how to simplify the process of where to start and create small 'doable' actions.

Jill Plumb-Smith is an Executive Coach who focuses on presence and communication. She's also the mom of two teenagers and a lover of all things fitness. Check her out at

Chiropractic Workshop- Summer Wellness #3- Wednesday July 25 @ 7:00pm

The hips are literally what propel us forward in movement. Issues arise when other areas of the body try to make up for lost mobility. Join us as we chat all things mobility and stability related to the hips. If you have low back, hip or knee pain, you won't want to miss this!

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