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Chris has been a personal trainer since 2016, starting at Lifetime Fitness. I am constantly looking to learn more ways to help my clients succeed. Aside from my personal training certification, I am a certified Nutrition Coach, USA Weightlifting Coach, CrossFit Coach, and a Corrective Exercise Specialist. My passion is working with people of all demographics to achieve their goals and live a healthy lifestyle. “If you don’t make time for wellness, you’ll be forced to make time for sickness.”  

Jen teaches an awesomely tough class where you will spend plenty of time in plank position! She believes that it is very important to be healthy and strong both mentally and physically, which is why she loves staying active by playing with her kids and her family. "At the end of the day, it’s all about having fun, feeling strong and having ownership in whatever you do in life."


Matt started his career in athletics when he found alpine ski racing He raced in USSS, FIS, and USCSA (skiing for the St. Olaf Ski Team and helping the team earn national titles multiple years). Alongside alpine ski racing, Matt's parents were two of the highest-level trainers in the Arabian horse industry; he grew up watching the best of the best coach and be coached.  Matt's education and expertise revolves around positive and supportive coaching techniques to overcome mental barriers and using his background in functional neurology to overcome athletic or injury rehab plateaus. Growing up around the highest-level of coaches inspired him to create ALLtitude and drive his mission to help others discover their success.  


Andrew grew up playing a variety of sports including baseball, basketball, rugby, track, tennis and golf. He discovered strength and conditioning during that time. He runs Vital Pursuit Athletics, a company centered around physical training and movement excellence. He is a passionate, results-driven professional with over seven years of training experience. He is an inquisitive entrepreneur who demonstrates a strong ability to apply critical thinking and progressive techniques in physiology, biomechanics, neuroscience, psychology, and nutrition to help clients train with intention. He specializes in movement optimization, so clients with chronic pains and young athletes looking to improve their athleticism thrive in my programs.


Jodi is 25-year veteran in the fitness and nutrition industry, having a masters degree in human performance and numerous certifications including kettlebell, TRX, group fitness and pilates. She's board certified as a holistic nutritionist and comprehensively trained pilates instructor. She loves helping students and clients build strength, improve movement, and rehab from injury. One of her favorite quotes is by author, John Maxwell, "The choices you make, make you"


Matt is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Peak Pilates instructor who is passionate about helping clients achieve their fitness goals as well as look, feel and move better. He is also certified in corrective exercise and nutrition coaching. While training, he focuses primarily on proper movement and injury prevention/recovery. His approach to personal training is to listen intently to what my clients desire and try to balance that with what they need. When he’s not helping clients, Matt enjoys exercising, walking his dogs, discovering new restaurants and traveling with his wife.

Angie has an educational background in Kinesiology, has been a certified personal trainer since she was 18 years old, is a certified TRX instructor and holds a health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. As a previous gym rat, Angie has converted to a self proclaimed group fitness junky after opening Physical Culture(v) in 2015. "There's nothing better than sweating with your friends!"


With over 35 years of coaching experience and an endless love of researching fact based science, Elise truly feels a passion to spread what she believes are the biggest fountain of youth and anti-aging modalities!
It is her life‘s purpose to empower and inspire and teach a very sustainable lifelong way for both men and women. To increase their strength by way of resistance training / Mechanical load, and to change how we look at nutrition with  nutritional counseling with a huge part on restorative and recovery practices. When we are stronger physically, we are stronger mentally. This allows us to show up in our highest form. She will meet you exactly where you are at. And the relationships she builds with her clients are pinnacle to reaching your results!Sustainability is key:)